Support Our Local Veterans Memorials

The Veterans Memorial Maintenance Committee maintains a dedicated Memorial Fund account for the sole purpose of funding the ongoing maintenance and repair of the Yuba and Sutter County veteran memorial sites.
The local Veterans Memorial Maintenance Committee is supported by and overseen by a partnership of the Yuba-Sutter Standown Committee and the Yuba-Sutter Volunteers group. It is the committee's responsibility to make sure the Veterans Memorial sites in both Yuba City and Marysville are properly cleaned and maintained, on behalf of our community, out of respect for the veterans and to provide a welcoming place for everyone to come to remember and honor them.
Charles Ford, a Memorial Maintenance Committee member and the Volunteer Coordinator for the Yuba-Sutter Volunteers, oversees volunteers who are providing the routine care of the local memorial sites. We have the people, but the ongoing maintenance requires ongoing donations.
Sutter County
Yuba County
Thank You for Your Support